To help promote the Harlow story, we have created a brand toolkit that reflects the colour, culture and innovation of the town.

The branding includes a set of logos and a unique graphic language that is free to use for all local businesses and organisations.

The Discover Harlow brand is designed to work alongside existing brands and the different elements give you the control and flexibility to turn the focus up and down – it can be referenced as subtly or obviously as you need.

Because of its flexibility, the branding can be used in a variety of different ways. Please see at the bottom of this page, just a few examples of how the branding can be used.

If you are interested in using the branding, please fill out the form below and we can send over the files, along with some guidelines on how best to use it.

    We also run Communications Masterclass sessions where we present the brand toolkit, explain the themes and ideas behind the brand, and share some best practice ideas. To register your interest for future sessions, please fill out the form below.


      Our Discover Harlow Storybook goes into more detail about what makes Harlow special. It shares our ‘big idea’ for Harlow and the three themes that make up the Harlow story:

      • Colour, Culture, Sculpture
      • The Science of Change
      • Lifestyle: Local and London

      You can read the book on our Discover Harlow Issuu page