The Harlow brand tells our story and explains what Harlow has to offer. It captures the spirit of our place and highlights what will put us ‘on the map’ beyond the reasons you might already know about. The three main themes include;

  • Colour, Culture, Sculpture.
  • The Science of Change.
  • Lifestyle; London and local.

To help promote the Harlow story, we have created a brand design that reflects these unique selling points of our town. A visual representation which, in an instant, reminds us of these attributes whilst building community cohesion and delivering one clear marketing message – we are Harlow, come and join us!

The brand design pack is free for all local businesses and organisations to use, and has been expertly designed to work alongside existing brands – it can be referenced as subtly or obviously as you need.

The pack comes as a digital toolkit with helpful guidelines on use and includes:

  • Full set of logos and unique designs.
  • Gallery of professional photography. Fantastic photography from around Harlow which can be used in any promotional material – useful for marketing on a budget.

The options for using the brand are limitless, so you can really get creative. To give you inspiration, below are some examples.

If you are interested in using the branding, please fill out the form below and we can send over the files – not a graphic designer? Don’t worry, we are always on hand to help.


    Our Discover Harlow Storybook goes into more detail about what makes Harlow special. It shares our ‘big idea’ for Harlow and the three themes that make up the Harlow story:

    • Discover the home of innovation
    • Discover world-class creativity
    • Discover a better place to live

    View the latest Discover Harlow Storybook here.