Chris White is the Director of Wrenbridge, one of the leading commercial developers in the East of England, who are developing Harlow Science Park.

Harlow is fast becoming a popular destination for business in the competitive London-Stansted-Cambridge innovation corridor, bringing fantastic opportunities to Harlow. With new developments like Harlow Science Park, it is easy to see why this trend is set to continue.

Harlow Science Park Nexus and Arise buildings

Harlow Science Park, part of the larger Harlow Enterprise Zone, has been developed by Wrenbridge and Vinci Developments UK in partnership with Harlow Council, as a new destination for business, focusing on all areas of science, technology, research and innovation.

The park offers 27 acres of Grade A development opportunities, which will establish a collaborative, progressive science-technology community.

It has been exciting seeing the new developments come to life, with phase one of Harlow Science Park nearing completion.

The different buildings provide facilities for the different stages of business growth, from start up, to research and development, to large scale production.

You may have seen two of these buildings as you drive along the A414 between Mark Hall and Church Langley, they are:

Arise, a 15,000 sq ft Innovation Centre, built in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University. The centre is designed to be sublet in small units to start-up companies and postgraduates, offering an affordable base for research and development that could rapidly grow into something bigger!

Nexus is a new Grade A office building – the first to be speculatively constructed in the whole of Essex for over 20 years. Nexus provides high quality flexible office space for companies in the science, health, R&D and technology sectors, with office space from 2,500 to 30,000 sq ft (over 3 floors).

Modus, a 60,000 sq ft mid-tech multi-unit building, due for completion in 2020. Units will provide flexible space capable of providing everything from research and development, laboratory, storage and production space in units ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 sq ft.

So a small start-up business that starts its journey in the Arise building might grow into a space in Modus – in turn making space for the next young talent in Arise.

And it’s not only business facilities which are catered for, our aspirations for onsite amenities are to include a café, gym, nursery and hotel, all within green, landscaped surroundings.

Harlow Science Park embodies everything Harlow is becoming: high-quality, contemporary and cutting edge. It’s really exciting to be playing such an active part.

You can find more information about Harlow Science Park on their website or contact

For all enquiries relating to Harlow Science Park please contact the joint agents Rory Banks, Simon Beeton, or Neal Matthews