Discover Harlow Ambassador Launch

Over 80 people from local businesses and community groups attended the first Harlow Ambassador Group meeting at Harlow Rugby Club on Thursday, 27 September 2018.

Ambassadors will meet bi-monthly to hear about what’s happening in the Harlow area from the people making it happen.

The Chair of Harlow Place Board, John Keddie introduced the three brilliant speakers for this event:

  • Alan Price, President of Harlow Rugby Club,  who shared the fascinating story of Harlow Rugby Club, from the early days in the 1950s, floating goal posts down the River Stort to Parndon Mill, to their award-winning facility in Latton Park, which has become a real community hub.
  • Kimberlee Perry, CEO of ((Bounce)), who spoke about her journey from starting out with eight trampolines in the Great Parndon Community Centre, to now having more than 200 franchises for Bounce around the world.
  • Alastair MacDonald of Allies and Morrison, who gave an overview of the redevelopment of Harlow Town Centre and particularly the new design of Market Square.

It was fantastic to hear so much passion for our town and inspiring to see what can be achieved within it.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 29 November at Harlow Museum.

If you would like to discuss how you or your organisation can get involved in the ambassador network, please get in touch